Dopa band – Middle resistance

Dopa band – Middle resistance

Middle Dopa is Our third difficulty level, with challenging resistance. Excellent for any muscle, sport, or fitness level. Suitable for Adults advanced-to-athletes weighing 158 – 205 lbs (72-93kg). Not recommended for beginners.


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🌟 Features:
  • Premium quality, High durability
  • Multifunctional training tool.
  • Solid structural tub
⚙️ Technical: 
  • Elasticity: 0-600%
  • Density: Compressed
  • Resistance in weight: 0–110lbs (0–50kg)
  • Materials: Original TPE compound (Zero Latex).
  • Dimensions: 5meter, 18mm, 2.35 lbs 
  • Color: Blue
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The Best Resistance Band in the World.


❌ Recycled rubber—No warranty

❌ Good for one use only

You’ll have to find exercises alone.

❌ Limited resistance—multiple bands

❌ Non-approved, unknown materials


✅ Premium quality—1-Year warranty

✅ Multifunctional training tool

✅ 300+ workouts, in your fingertip

✅ Huge resistance in one band

✅U.S FDA approved material

Still not sure❓

Watch a video to see if DopamineO is right choice for you.


There’s no band that is longer, stronger, and yet elastic like Dopa.

We found a better formula to make lifetime resistance bands with a wide range of smooth resistance. The result is one of the most functional and effective training tools you’ll ever use. Dopa is also portable, allowing you to work out anywhere, but its most appealing feature is a lifetime full-access membership with a massive library of workouts and training videos to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Only DopamineO Members can access the videos.

Following your purchase, you will receive Full-Access Membership to our massive video library, where you can find exercises for any muscle, sport, or fitness level. We’ll email you your account information as soon as you complete this purchase.

Easy, try the DopamineO Bands & Videos for 30 days, and if you don’t enjoy it or see fitness benefits, return the band and get your money back.


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Find out which Dopa band is right for you

Your weight?

10-79 lbs (5-36kg)


Dopa Fly
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Your weight?

79-121lbs (36-55kg)


Dopa Feather
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Your weight?

121-158lbs (55-72kg)


Dopa Light
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Your weight?

158-205 lbs (72-93kg)


Dopa Middle
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Your weight?

more than 205 lbs (93kg)


Dopa Heavy
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Low tense

Stretch and strength for everyone.


Stretch + Bolt combo
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Maximum accuracy. If weight selection did not work, we will make sure to replace the Dopa band for free.