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5 reviews
September 22, 2023

Great use, high value for money

I use it at home, in the gym, or outside; the anchoring options are endless. I use other resistance bands than Dopamineo’s, and it’s still working great. All this for $20. Good job.
September 15, 2023

Good and versatile product

September 13, 2023

Very good anchor solution.

Excellent quality and durability.
Mila Dadasheva
September 13, 2023

Great for anchor at home and outdoors.

I take it with me everywhere, and it’s really helpful when you’re out in nature and can’t find something to create a point of attachment.
Meyer Rahafin
September 12, 2023

Great for outdoor workouts.

Amazing addition to my set of resistance bands; the strap is long enough to wrap around any tree and strong enough to last. Great.


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