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The Differences Between Regular and Silicone Dopa Bands

Sum Up

Despite the fact that both bands are heavy-duty, high-quality resistance bands (not tubing bands), the silicone Dopa Band outperforms the ordinary plastic compound Dopa band in terms of durability, elasticity, and design.
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The silicone resistance band is the second attempt by Dopamineo (after dozens of experimental bands) to produce the best band in the world. We can roughly say that the silicone band is superior to the rubber Dopa band by 30% or more.

What could be the best resistance bands in the world?


Table Of Differences

Technical parameterRubber Dopamineo BandSilicone Dopamineo Band
Durability (long-lasting-band)couple of yearscan last a lifetime.
Design (high-end-design)logo designall length-fully design 
Weight (workout effectivenees)~1KG1.4KG (30% havier)
Elacticity (Pressure tolerance)500%800%
Resistance weight range.1-100KG1-135KG
Smoothness of resistancesmoothvery smooth!
Risk of allergic reaction:small risk exsist. no risk. FDA and LFGB approved
Fire & water & funji resistanceresistance to water onlyresistance to all



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