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Check What’s on Sale > Running Campaign  We do special sale days, holiday discounts, flash sales, and more deals from time to time. It might be an automatic discount or a discount using a specific coupon code. We share running sales information with everyone via the website header. So if there is a sale running […]

The prices on Dopamineo

Dopamineo’s PricesWhen you shop on Dopamineo, the rates we offer represent the greatest quality Materials and Service you will receive.Our goal is to be able to provide ALL varieties of resistance bands at affordable costs to all people.Our commitmentSince the beginning of the company, we have already reduced rates by 20%, especially on package purchases. […]

Save money and build your own bundle with Quantity Discount.

You Saved $88How do it work?Automatic quantity discount is a feature that automatically gives you a growing discount when you purchase more Dopa resistance bands. The more products you buy, the higher the discount you’ll get.Who is it for?Quantity discounts are available to anyone and are usually used by businesses, institutions, and wholesalers.How Does it […]


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Does Dopamineo accept payment in currencies other than the default currency?

Yes, we accept multiple currencies as a payment method. You have the option to switch and pay with the following currencies: Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, and British Pound.

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