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The prices on Dopamineo

Dopamineo’s Prices

When you shop on Dopamineo, the rates we offer represent the greatest quality Materials and Service you will receive.

Our goal is to be able to provide ALL varieties of resistance bands at affordable costs to all people.

Our commitment

Since the beginning of the company, we have already reduced rates by 20%, especially on package purchases. We will continue to do so while maintaining the lowest costs in the business.

The Task

We live by the Cost Quality Calculator, we use expensive materials, and we will never compromise the band’s quality. The problem is that material prices in the world always go up, never down, so we have to get creative in order to offer the best resistance band prices available.

Discounts on the Spot

Check out our current bundle discounts. Additionally, we have an Automatic Discount Method, which allows everyone to receive a 50% increase in discount while purchasing on Dopamineo.


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