Bolt Band – Light Resistance

Bolt Band – Light Resistance

(5 reviews)

An easy-to-carry, pocket-sized multifunctional training tool that you can use for gym warm-ups, upper-body strengthening, and stretching your body at the office, on the sofa, and basically everywhere you want. Excellent for low-tension exercise and recovery. Suitable for anyone.


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Will never break. Lasts forever.

2.3-feet (0.70-cm) LONG

 Practice any sports and develop any muscle.

30-lbs (13kg) RESISTANCE

Portable gym. Stretch your limits.

99% Silicone (no-latex)

Odorless, Durable, FDA approved.

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Dopa resistance bands have five tension levels. Check which Dopa is right for you here >

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Goes perfectly with Stretch

Bolt⚡Band In Action

Built to last forever, designed for ultra-efficient upper-body stretching workouts. 


+ Everywhere
+ Multipurpose
+Last Forever
+ Pocket-Size

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Frequently Asked Questions

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts; You might use resistance bands to warm up and do post-workout stretches, but you’ve never tried something like the Bolt Band! The gyms are full of snapped, non-smooth elastic bands. Trust us, you want a Bolt Band that will never snap and give you the amazing elasticity you need to warm up your body and help you stretch your muscles after an intense session.

If there is a sale currently happening, we make sure to display it in two locations for our shoppers. 1. Notification Header on Website (Located at the Top of the Screen) 2. On the homepage of the store. If you are unable to find any discounts, it means that there is currently no ongoing special sale. Here’s a 10% discount code to help you make a purchase: ‘Dopa4You’ Shop Now >

Sure, we ship the bands worldwide! Make sure you know that all international orders are subject to customs fees in your country. For more order information, check our delivery information section >

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your location, please inform us through live chat and we will assist you with resolving the issue.

Bolt resistance band measures 2.3 feet (0.70 centimeters) in length while the the length of the Dopa resistance band is 16 feet (5 meters).

Yes, we offer the largest online video training center for elastic resistance training (ERT). We are committed to regularly updating it with high-quality content to ensure that our community always has access to a wide range of exercises, routines, and training options using Dopamineo Bands. We have already uploaded more than 300 videos, which include tutorials on how to properly attach, effectively use, and adequately maintain the band in a comprehensive training routine. Our customers do not incur any costs for using this service, and it is not available to non-Dopamineo customers.

Yes, you may return items and get a refund within 30 days. If you want a complete refund, Dopa must be brand-new. Read more >

“Can I ask you to open a new account with his email?”

For sure! Just fill out the form here, and we’ll open an account with those details. Awesome gift by the way!

No, Doamineo resistance bands are latex-free. We dislike the odor of latex, and it is also prone to snapping. That is why we utilize a unique silicone compound that possesses hypoallergenic properties, is odorless, can withstand high temperatures, and has an exceptionally long lifespan.

There is no reason for preventing kids from enjoying Dopa. The material used to make the Dopamineo Band is safe for children, and they love it. Please ensure that the children are in a safe environment and that you are present to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

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Customer reviews & ratings

5.00 out of 5
(5 reviews)

Frequent Mentions

September 19, 2023

Perfect warm up

This band has been great for warming up and relieving pain in my shoulders. A static hold gets the muscles warmed up really well.
September 18, 2023

Short Range For Stretching & Strengthening

This band is awesome for hitting muscles from a different range of motion. Mostly used for side bends with a pull and rotating exercises but overall it’s fun to use.
Big Ben
September 17, 2023

Love it

I have a shoulder injury for a long time and decided to give the Bolt band a shot, i’m doing physiotherapy with it for over 3 weeks, every morning. Honestly, I love it. It helps me through my injury and it’s super comfortable. Also, respect to dopamineo team for helping me out on the online chat with fast responses 👏

September 14, 2023

Love the quality! 👌


Bolt. Forever.

Bolt resistance bands are the shortest version of DopamineO. It’s designed to last forever, not like a hollow rubber band that might break under pressure. It’s an easy-to-carry, pocket-sized multifunctional training tool that you can use for gym warm-ups, upper-body strengthening, and stretching your body at the office, on the sofa, and basically everywhere you want. It’s only $10, and you’ll have it for the rest of your life. That’s what we mean when we say that we’re here to change the game of resistance band training.


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