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How to Set up, Connect, Anchor, and Attach Dopa Band – Dopamineo

How to set up Dopa Band anywhere?

Most Important: Tying Method

The tie form is the most crucial aspect when setting up the Dopa resistance band. There is only one recommended method for attaching a Dopa band to its anchor point, regardless of whether it is a random post, door anchor, tree, or any other object. Watch Tying Method Video >

Reasons to use special method:

The method involves creating a loop by folding the Dopa in half and threading the Dopa resistance band through this loop. By following this method, we can ensure that the resistance band is properly fastened to its anchor point and will not unexpectedly snap towards you. Additionally, this method effectively prevents any movement of the band, making it highly convenient during workout sessions.

To tie Dopa, follow these steps:

1. Create a loop by folding the Dopa in half. With one of your hands, hold the holding side (where the Dopamineo logo is), and with the other, grab the looped side of the band.

2. Take the looped side and thread it behind or through the anchor point.

3. Take the holding side and thread it through the loop you just created.

4. Ensure that both sides are even. If not, the weight distribution isn’t even.

5. If one side isn’t even, make it even before tightening.

6. That’s it! Tighten the Dopa resistance band, and you’re ready to work out!

Didn’t get it? Watch Tying Method Video >

The best way to install Dopa outside

Dopa training can be performed outside, and that’s one of its biggest advantages. In the article above, we learned the tying method used to attach Dopa everywhere. You can utilize this method to securely fasten Dopa to various objects such as trees, posts, fences, or any other object, with the exception of…

  • Avoid sharp objects that might rip the Dopa.
  • Wide objects may shorten the band and restrict your workouts.



If you find yourself in those situations, consider getting Genius Straps. These straps are adjustable and can be used both outdoors and indoors as anchors.

The Anchor Strap is a versatile solution for anchoring in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The strap is quite long, allowing you to easily loop it around any tree or large post to create a point of attachment wherever you desire.

Setting Dopa up at home or in another indoor space.

We recommend finding an existing stable object to which you can tie the Dopa. However, if you are unable to find one, there are alternative options to consider. Our Anchor Strap can be used to create a linking point with its door anchor feature.

Installing a wall mount to create an anchor point:

Whether you want to work out at your home gym or in another indoor space like a combat sports room or academy, it is important to have a stable point of attachment. To achieve this, you can install a Dopamineo Wall-Mount or a similar product that can serve as a reliable point of attachment for your workout.

Wall mounting solutions:

The Dopamineo X-Wall Mount is a comprehensive anchor and holder that can transform any area in your home into a complete body workout space. The X-Wall Mount anchor is designed to be securely attached to any wall or ceiling. It is constructed using durable steel, making it safe to use. Get it here.

Dopamineo Wall-Mount Features:

  • Can be used as a multiple resistance band holder.
  • Four points of attachment using only one wall mount
  • Soft plastic backing reduces nicks and scratches.

More wall mounting solutions:

There are a variety of cheaper solutions available if you don’t require a large wall mount with any of these features. You can easily find an eye-shaped bolt at any hardware store. You can easily order it from Amazon as well. When coming to purchase a wall mount, make sure it’s durable, strong, and fits your needs. The Dopamineo wall mount is priced at $30. If you find that the price difference is not significant, it is recommended that you choose our wall mount for the best overall value for your money.

Additional mounting solutions

We are currently developing additional mounting solutions specifically designed for gyms, wrestling and jiujitsu academies, and many other applications. If you require something specific, feel free to reach out for further assistance.

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